Abiu is a tropical fruit tree originated in the Amazonian region of South America. The fruit shape varies from round to oval with a point. When ripe, it has smooth bright yellow skin and will have one to four ovate seeds. The inside of the fruit is translucent and white. It has a creamy and jelly-like texture and its taste is similar to a sweet caramel custard.


It is commonly eaten out of hand and, although in Colombia those eating the fruit this way are advised to grease their lips to keep the gummy latex from sticking, this hazard can be avoided by selecting fully ripe fruits and scooping out the flesh with a utensil. The melting sweet pulp of the abiu is also used to flavor ice cream and cut into yogurt for a light and delicious breakfast.

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Growing Regions:

Abiu is grown in a tropical climate. Main production is in Far North Queensland


March - April

Abiu Desert


1-2 abiu, per person
lime juice


Cut abiu in two, remove the seeds.
Scoop out the flesh into a glass bowl.
Sprinkle with a little lime juice to bring out the flavour.


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